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Most ‘Instagram-worthy’ Spots in The Canadian Rockies
Banff National Park

Most ‘Instagram-worthy’ Spots in The Canadian Rockies

Discover the most Instagram-worthy spots in the Canadian Rockies and bask in the picturesque natural beauty.

Looking for inspiration for your next getaway? Here’s a curated list of the most Instagram-worthy spots you need to visit during your trip to the Canadian Rockies.

While scrolling through numerous travel photos on social media, we’re often left wondering where the bright turquoise hued lakes are or where to find the endless, often empty, highways with distinct jagged mountain ranges framing the backdrop.

During times of restricted travel, ‘virtual travels’ on Instagram seems like a great option. But with a whopping 346 million posts with the hashtag #travel, it is easy to get engrossed in daydreaming of a picturesque vacation without actually narrowing down on your options. To fuel your wanderlust, we have compiled little pieces of heaven closer to home in the Canadian Rocky Mountains to plan a micro escape, within the prescribed safety guidelines of the authorities. Get your best photo equipment ready, or just your smartphone , and head to these coveted ‘Instagrammable’ spots that will be the envy of your socially-distanced friends, family and followers.

Here are the best spots in Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper and when to visit in order to get these exact locations all to yourself and not be rushed for a quick selfie. No filter needed.


Banff Avenue

Topping our list of most ‘Instagram-worthy’ Spots in The Canadian Rockies is in the heart of the town.

The bustling city centre of Banff is a charming town in the valley of Banff National Park. The main Banff Avenue is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike with quaint shops and eateries lining the street with and the majestic mountains at the end of this iconic street looming large and enveloping the town in perfect symmetry.

From the famous hydrant, keep walking a few meters away from the mountain to get the full view of the market hustle bustle and the dramatic mountain range.


Peyto Lake

The distinct shape of this lake that resembles the outline of a wolf is an easy stop on the Icefields Parkway between Lake Louise and Jasper. The highway is among the top 10 must-do drives in the world. The Instagram-worthy sights make you want to stop for a photo opportunity at every turn. The Peyto Lake viewpoint spot is one not to be missed. From the parking lot, a quick and easy 20 minute hike to the viewing platform rewards you with this stunning unmatched view.


Moraine Lake

The bright blue hue of the glacier-fed waters contrasted against the snow-capped mountain range make Moraine Lake one of the most popular destinations. While one might find themselves in the middle of throngs of crowded tourists and budding photographers in the summer months, the Fall season sees the crowds dwindling. Head over to the trails around this lake at dawn for the mountains catching the perfect golden glow of a beautiful sunrise. As a bonus, you can head to the more famous Lake Louise that’s a 25 minute drive. Instead of joining the crowds on the lakeside, experience a new vantage point from the patio dining options at Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.

Lac Beauvert

Instagram-worthy is an understatement for the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. A photographer’s paradise, the lodge is a destination in itself. With sprawling acres of Golf greens, Lac Beauvert and Athabasca River all within walking distance, you won’t run out of photo ops. Sunsets on the gorgeous lake light up the mountain ranges in the backdrop and the best viewpoint is from the heated pool of the lodge. Incidentally, it is the best place to decompress after a busy day of hiking around Jasper National Park. Kick back, relax and head into the pool with your waterproof camera gear.

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