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Which Golf Course Matches Your Personality & 5 Ways to Prep for Golf in the Heart of Canada 

Which Golf Course Matches Your Personality & 5 Ways to Prep for Golf in the Heart of Canada 

From the tranquil elegance of Banff to the wild, untouched beauty of Jasper and the spellbinding charm of Whistler, these destinations are not just backdrops — they are vital elements of the golfing experience. Amidst the raw beauty of Canada’s wilderness, golf becomes a perfect mix of challenge and serenity, making it the ultimate summer activity for those seeking the finest courses in the country. So, which course matches your personality?

QUIZ: Which Canadian Golf Course Matches Your Personality?


Whether you're drawn to Banff's serene majesty, Jasper's untamed beauty, or Whistler's enchanting vistas, this quiz will pair you with your perfect golfing getaway.




  • To change your answer, click the same answer again to deselect and select your new choice.
  • Count how many times you choose A, B, or C in the quiz to find out which Canadian golf course fits your personality.



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1. Choose your ideal vacation backdrop: 

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2. What's your preferred pace of play? 

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3. How do you approach challenges on the course? 

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4. What's your après-golf activity of choice?

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5. Pick a wildlife animal you’d love to spot during your round:

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6. What's most important to you in a golf course?

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7. Choose a non-golf activity you enjoy:


Teeing Off in Style: 5 Ways to Prep for Golf in the Heart of Canada 

Imagine this: You’re poised at the first tee, the air tinged with the invigorating scents of pine and freshly manicured greens, while the Canadian Rockies unfold like a tapestry. This isn’t just a round of golf; it’s a deep dive into Canada’s natural beauty, where each hole narrates a story as profound as the vistas it frames.

Women stretches on Beauvert Plateau in front of Pyramid Mountain in Jasper National Park

1. Morning Yoga: The Perfect Tee-Off

Set the tone for your day by syncing your breath and movements with the natural rhythm of the Canadian landscape. Performing yoga in the shadow of the Rockies or the vast expanse of Whistler prepares you not just physically but spiritually for the day ahead, ensuring you step onto the course centered and ready. 

Why Yoga is Your Secret Weapon for Golf: 

  • Enhanced Flexibility: Yoga improves flexibility, crucial for a wider range of motion in your swing. Golfers often notice an increase in drive length after practicing yoga. 
  • Stronger Core: A strong core leads to a stable and powerful swing.  
  • Improved Focus: Yoga enhances concentration, helps golfers stay present and focused, reduces on-course distractions, and leads to more consistent play. 
  • Stress Reduction: Yoga’s meditative aspects can help manage on-course pressure, allowing for calmer decision-making and reduced performance anxiety. 
  • Injury Prevention: Regular yoga practice can decrease the risk of golf-related injuries by improving balance, flexibility, and overall body strength. 
  • Better Balance: Important for effective weight transfer during the swing, yoga’s balance-enhancing exercises contribute to more consistent and powerful shots. 
(C) Jacob Sjöman.

2. Club Care: Perfecting the prelude

In golf, maintaining your golf clubs plays a pivotal role in your performance on the course. It’s not just about having the right equipment. Here’s why cleaning your clubs, both before and after your rounds, is an essential part of your golf regimen: 

  • Before Your Game: A clean club face and grooves ensure better ball contact, imparting each shot’s desired spin and trajectory. Dirt or grass residue from previous games can significantly alter the ball’s path, potentially affecting your score. Taking the time to clean your clubs before you head out ensures that each shot is as accurate and effective as possible. 
  • After Your Game: Post-game cleaning is equally important. It prevents the buildup of dirt and grime, which can corrode the club’s materials over time, reducing their lifespan and effectiveness. Regular cleaning after each game keeps your clubs in optimal condition, saving you money and frustration in the long run. 
Fairmont bed with cocktail

3. Royal rest for the avid golfer

Before or after a day of navigating through challenging fairways and greens, your body deserves unparalleled rest. The legendary comfort of Fairmont & Rimrock beds provides a sleep so profound that you’ll awaken, rejuvenated, and ready to conquer the course anew. It’s this quality of rest that can elevate your game from good to unforgettable. Getting a good night reset will help with:  

  • Physical Recovery: Promotes the repair of muscles, joints, and tendons, reducing injury risk. 
  • Mental Sharpness: Enhances focus, decision-making, and emotional regulation for strategizing and maintaining patience. 
  • Energy and Stamina: Ensures sustained energy levels and endurance throughout the game, avoiding mid-round fatigue. 
  • Muscle Memory: Aids in consolidating skills and techniques practiced, improving automaticity and overall performance. 
  • Stress Reduction: Lowers stress and anxiety levels, fostering a calmer, more focused mindset on the course. 
Two women with drinks apres golfing in Jasper at the Fairmont.

4. Culinary Delights to fuel your game

Eating right isn’t just about filling up; it’s about fueling your body for peak performance. Whether you’re enjoying the hearty offerings of Stanley’s Smokehouse in Banff or the fresh, straightforward dishes at The Clubhouse in Whistler, each meal prepares you to play your best on the course, essential for long days of summer activities and perfecting your golf game.  

Banff Springs

  • Enjoy hearty meals at Stanley’s Smokehouse, a cozy spot that powers your game with robust flavors. 
  • For quick bites and refreshments, the Snack Bar & Beverage Cart keeps you energized throughout your round. 
  • STOCK Food & Drink offers a diverse mix of casual dining options, perfect for any taste. 

Rimrock Resort

  • The Rimrock Cafe provides an upscale dining experience with stunning views, making each meal memorable. 


  • Thompson’s Terrace (& To Go) is ideal for grabbing a fulfilling meal or a quick snack, ensuring you’re never hungry on the course. 
  • The 7th Tee Hut offers convenient mid-game refreshments to keep you at your best. 
  • Satisfy your hunger with delightful bites at Fitzhugh’s Fine Foods, offering delicious meals to fuel your play. 


  • The Clubhouse offers a relaxed atmosphere with a menu full of local flavors, perfect for unwinding after a round. 
  • Known for its fresh, made-to-order sandwiches and bakery treats, Portobello provides the perfect pick-me-up at any time of day. 
Man putting towards friend with flag  in Whistler at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler Golf Club

5. The Art of the putt: Mastering greens with a view

Putting against the backdrop of Canada’s most picturesque landscapes is more than practice; it’s an art. Here’s why mastering the greens here is a game-changer:

  • Precision and Confidence: Fine-tune your aim and build confidence with each putt. 
  • Adaptability: Learn to read the diverse greens, from their speed to subtle slopes. 
  • Strategic Play: Enhance your short-game strategy, turning challenging greens into opportunities. 

Beyond the Swing: Preparing for everything

Staying hydrated and protected under the expansive Canadian sky is crucial. Equally important is dressing in adaptable layers to navigate the quicksilver nature of Canadian weather, ensuring you’re as ready for a sudden chill as you are for a warm summer breeze. And don’t forget your SPF, a must-have for any Canadan golf adventure. 

the symphony of preparation

Getting ready for a round of golf in Canada’s iconic destinations is similar to preparing for an epic journey. It’s about honing your body and mind, connecting deeply with the surroundings, and respecting the game and the land. In the heart of Canada, golf is not just a sport; it’s an experience that binds you to the beauty of the landscape and the essence of the game itself. 

So, as you gear up for your next golf adventure, remember it’s about embracing the entire canvas of Canadian golf experiences, creating memories that are as vivid and enduring as the landscapes themselves. 

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