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Top 5 Things To Do in Jasper

Top 5 Things To Do in Jasper

If Jasper was a person, it would be the friend that asks you how you’re doing – and listens.  Jasper is an easy-going alpine town.  As soon as you arrive you feel like you’re family, but somehow no time has passed.  It’s the type of atmosphere that’s inclusive, kind, and always up to have a bit of fun.  Check out this winter’s list toppers below, but in Jasper, you really can’t go wrong.

1.  Maligne Canyon Icewalk Tour –

For some, climbing to the highest highs is the ultimate.  And for others, the mystery is actually a bit lower to the ground…or in some cases, much, much lower.  The Maligne Canyon Icewalk Tour takes you underground to the deepest accessible canyon in Jasper National Park.  You will be dazzled by frozen waterfalls, ice caves, and remarkable ice formations all from the depths of the earth.  Learn about the many secrets of the Maligne Valley, and the wonders of the disappearing Medicine Lake from this Frozen Paradise.

2.  See the Northern Lights –

Did you know that Jasper was designated a Dark Sky Preserve in 2011 by the Royal Astronomical Society?  It’s an ideal setting for the dark skies to truly shine.  As stars dance through the sky, your eye is free to design shapes in the constellations, and if you’re lucky, you may even see the Northern Lights – which quite honestly, look even more profound than you might think.  Simply described, it’s as if broken bottles were stacked together in front of a flashlight projecting streams of fragmented light far off into the sky.  In more complex descriptions, it’s nothing short of a miracle.

3.  Hit the slopes –

Skiing at elevation means lighter snow, and more energy to burn before those legs turn to rubber.  And Marmot Basin is just the place to do it.  In addition to extraordinary terrain that will get your stoke-level rising, Tres Hombres is an expert skier’s dream – it’s big, it’s bad, and it’s even got a hint of a cheeky background.  Back in the ’70’s, before the area was in-bounds and accessible by lift, three rebel skiers couldn’t resist the area and were seen shredding the untouched long, wide and steep pitches.  It was right around the time that ZZ Top released their album, Tres Hombres, and the terrain started getting the attention of thrill-seeking ski bums.  Legend has it – if the conditions were right and no one was looking, the old crew would signal the code word ‘Tres Hombres’ to cut some pow on the forbidden piste.

4. Winter Wildlife Discovery Tour –

Seeing natures’ creatures in the wild is as peaceful as it is exciting.  Every time!  Jasper National Park is home to elk, deer, moose, goats, coyotes, and wolves, each as majestic as you could imagine.  While they are beautiful to see, it’s important that they are respected and given space not only for your own protection but for theirs.  We recommend going with SunDog Tours – their guides are experts in wildlife behavior, where they may be likely to be seen given conditions and weather, and they can help make sure that both you and the animals are safe.

5.  Winter Event Playlist –

You know how some say it’s taboo to celebrate Christmas before Thanksgiving?  Well, Canadian Thanksgiving is in mid-October, so dust off your best ugly sweater and come celebrate!  Christmas in November offers three 3-day weekends are jam-packed with celebrity chefs, presenters, activities, sessions, and more.  And for those traveling in February, Devour! is a must-do food and film festival that will delight your senses.  The events hosted at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge are in full swing all winter long with something for every appetite.  Now you can have your turkey, and eat it too! 😉

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